Our Mission

An alliance of musicians and industry professionals across Canada. Our concept and design innovate the industry’s international market for sound and performance.

The Vision

North Peak is an organization of our industry’s foremost individuals hailing from Canadian soil. We create the network of musicians and professionals that set the distinction of production and showmanship. A cut above the rest, this is a cultivation of professionalism, delivering the international music scene with unparalleled talent.



Taylor Gordon

CO-CEO, A&R, Business Manager

It was easy for Taylor to recognize his love for music from a young age. Over the years, he was exposed to many different styles and genres of music as he grew up in the Alberta capital. Fast forward to today, Taylor has developed a keen interest in the business of music. His passion for the entertainment business is kindled from over 5 years experience working behind the scenes alongside industry leading professionals and artists. These interests are the driving force behind the creation of North Peak Management. The combination of a business savvy mind, work ethic, and love for music are some of the many strengths he possesses, adding valuable insight and direction for the company and its stakeholders.

Reaching the Peak: It's not much of a secret that Canadian talent is amongst the best in the world. However, achieving success in this business yields many factors to come into play. Effective management of these dynamics greatly enhances the likelihood of achievement for our artists. The individual leadership qualities and drive that resonates in our team will be apparent, as together we climb to the top -supporting Canadian musical art forms on the international stage.

Veronica Weibsstuck

Co-CEO, A&R, Operations Manager

Veronica’s passion for music has lead to a career in the Western Canadian music scene for over 6 years. Her interest in music has given her an ear and ability to see the potential for extraordinary music in developing artists. Veronica has worked with some of the biggest names in the electronic dance music & hip-hop — artists and industry professionals— specializing in Artist Relations. Her experience gives her close connections in the industry, and her dedication to her craft is relentless. Veronica is constantly grinding, making sure that every event or artist is as successful as possible.

Reaching the Peak: Creating a stronger Canadian music community is incredibly important. Canada has a lot to offer to the music scene, and we need to take advantage of it. This includes creating job opportunities for industry professionals, and finding the best of the best to fill those positions