North Peak Sounds Series

The North Peak Sounds Series debuts with the first instalment of the series releasing May 4. The series is a collective of music produced by the talented artists on the North Peak roster. Each track highlights the diversity and unique sounds of each artist, giving fans a taste of what’s to come from the talented group of Canadian musicians.

North Peak represents Canadian homegrown musicians and performers. The North Peak camp is here to bring us some of the best young electronic producers in Canada. The first addition to their Sounds Series is available now and will be their first major footprint on the adventure. Opportunity for Canadian artists is on the horizon and collectively, “the team will climb to the North Peak”, says the crew behind the project, “we want people to take a listen to this and create the awareness that talented people are making great music right in our own backyard”. The crew really anticipates the project to give a sense of refreshment to the scene and highlight this group of budding homegrown performers.

As this is the first instalment of the North Peak Sounds Series, it is certainly not the last. This collective will be announcing more upcoming projects in the future. Until then, enjoy these fresh new electronic beats ranging from funk, trap to heavy hitting dubstep included in this first release.