Flavours tour



Now accepting dates for the fall/winter season

Flavours is now accepting performance dates and we would like to extend that offer to you today. Alongside a recent release entitled "Kick It" on The Funk Hunter's Westwood Recordings, we would like to preview a glimpse into the future of Flavours. 

Firstly we have a preview of Flavours latest music video for a song entitled Hypnosis. It features his father providing piano work, and insert name on trumpet, alongside the lovely vocals of Megan Hamilton.

Here is a recent Red Bull Threestyle submission. This is a direct glimpse into a live performance from Flavours. Incorporating keyboard performances, and live scratching, very clearly shows his diversity over your regular nightclub act. 


We would love to hear back to you! Get in touch at bookings@northpeakmgmt.ca 


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