Industry professionals



At North Peak, we work on behalf of you, the Industry Professional. We want to help you promote your career, maintain business affairs, secure the best work for the best fee, and encourage your creativity and growth. Our focus is to build a strong musical community Canada wide. We understand that this industry comes with long nights, busy weekends, and strenuous work to be done. Being fully aware of these factors, we feel prepared and extremely positive that we can boost your career to reach new heights. With 5+ years experience in many different industry settings, we will provide our insight and tools to help industry professionals be seen and heard.

Our goal is a roster of 3-5 individuals or crews hailing from each province, specializing in 3 categories;



Artist Relations Specialists


On-Site Hospitality

Stage/Tour Management


MULTiMEDIA Specialists



special Performers



what we are looking for

  1. ORIGINALITY - We want leaders not followers. Those who think outside the box.
  2. TALENT - Everything from your work to how you carry yourself. Professionalism is a must!
  3. DETERMINATION & HARD WORK - We want Individuals who will work just as hard if not harder than us, and we plan to hustle hard. In order to make this a long term career, you need more determination than the average industry professional.
  4. TRUST - There needs to be a mutual trust. You need to trust that we are going to work non stop for you, but also need to be able to count on you as a professional to keep the train moving.
  5. COMMUNICATION - This is a partnership. It's extremely important you can communicate with us and we can communicate with you. Conversations may be critical at times, but are used for the betterment of both parties.
  6. REPUTATION - You are a business. Be reputable.
  7. EXISTING SUCCESS - You likely already have this working, your brand growing, and you’ve gained a bit (or a lot!) of a fanbase. If you are reading this chances are we think you are kicking some serious ass and want to work with you.
  8. ALIGNED VISION - Our definitions of success need to match. You must always be developing your craft and business in all areas.


What we will do for you

  1. DISCOVER YOU - Asses your talent, credibility and reputation; Determine market potential and negotiate a contractual relationship.

  2. DEVELOP YOU - Guide you through the industry, set goals and draft a business plan.

  3. BOOKINGS - Work with booking agents and promoters to draft tour routing, book shows and tours. Develop touring strategies, book engagements, develop itineraries, manages tour budgets, draft and review contracts and develop promotional materials.

  4. CONNECT - This industry is most beneficial through networks. Let us lead you on a path to success.